• Modular Skirting & Profile

    New style of skirting for professional look, made from aluminum, available in various sizes. It
    can be screw & sticking option.

  • Roller Blinds

    The Roller Shade is a fabric window covering which operates in raising and lowering direction,
    the material coiling round a top tube on raising, a mechanism incorporated in a top tube holds
    the shade at any required height. It has long been know as an efficient means of sun protection
    and  light  exclusion.  Translucent  1-10%  screen , Blackout-PVC,  Form  Bases , Design , Green
    Building, Ban boo-Chick Style Fabric Automation, Switch, Remote, Touch Panel & Skylight etc.

  • Wooden Venetian Blinds

    Roller  shades are   widely  used  in restaurant,  shops , institutions   and commercial  buildings
    as well  as  domestic   dwellings.  Each  shade  is  made  to  measure to provide a close fit to  the
    window   size.  Wooden  blinds   made of  Basswood  &  HDF , 25mm , 35mm, 50mm   with   Cord
    facelift system. Motorized blinds are available on demand.  Basswood Blinds bring the unique
    ladder & warmth and beauty of natural timber to your window.  These great Blinds are growing
    in  popularity  every  day  as many  people  are  opting for  the  natural  beauty of wood in their
    house  the  peace  and  relaxation  you  will   experience  in your new wood Blinds, the peaceful
    relaxing feeling will last a long time.

  • Chick Blinds

    Woven   Fabric  with  wide  range  of  fabric  system  roll  up, roman & Panel track. Woven wood
    & bamboo  blinds  are  fabricated  from either rain wood or natural bamboo. Once treated, they
    combine  to  form  a  variety  of  patterns  and designs that create classic, natural warmth. They
    are  elegant  and  simple  to  operate.  Woven  wood  window  shades  are  right  for every decor.
    woven  for  varying  degrees  of  light  filtration,  select  from  a  full  range  of privacy weaves or
    open weaves. Rise and lower these matchstick shades (also called matchstick blinds or bamboo
    shades)  in  one  smooth,  easy  motion.  Rich in character! Natural woven woods combine clean
    lines  and  textural  interest  in  designer  finishes.  The  effect  is  a  warm, inviting, and naturally
     beautiful window covering.

  • Pleated Blinds

    Pleated  shades  are  a   great  choice  for  anyone  who wants  to add texture and dynamic color
    to  a  room.  Choose  our  exclusive  Shades  that  are  guaranteed  not  to  sag  over time or our
    standard  Pleated  Shades  for  a budget-smart window treatment. Our unique ladder support is
    guaranteed  to  keep  pleats  evenly  spaced  and  prevent  sagging  Available  in a range of fresh
    on-trend  colors  Choose  from  a  variety  of  decorative  options  to  create Pleated Shades that
    are  just  your  style  Add  a Day  liner or Midnight liner for improved privacy and light control.

  • Shadow Zebra blinds

    Detailed  Product  Description    Zebra   blind exquisite design, by  dusting  the symmetry of the
    curtain, different  sunshine effect can be achieved. Two-screen  fabric can adjust  the   blind into
    half view. Zebra  blind  is  made  of  two  materials  which  are   woven  in  equal lining and width.
    Integrate the  advantages  of  Sheer  curtain, Roller  blind   and  venetian blind.Exquisite design
    by adjusting the symmetry of the curtain, different sunshine effect can be achieved. Two-Screen
    fabric   can   adjust   the   blind  into  half  view  and  full  screen  view. Suitable  for   Living room,
    Dining room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Office.

  • Roman blinds

    India  system  &  Imported  system  with  Wooden ,  Aluminum  , & spring  operated  system with

  • Duets Blinds

    Unique  honeycomb  construction  that  makes  the  Duets  Shades   durable  and   highly energy
    efficient.  The  insulating   characteristics   keep    the    heat    out in  summer  and  the   warmth
    in during winter.

  • Curtain

    Indian  &  Imported  channel & rod with class of stitching service. These great Blinds are growing
    in popularity every day as many people are opting for the natural beauty of wood in their house
    the  peace  and  relaxation  you  will  experience  in  your new wood Blinds, the peaceful relaxing
    feeling will last a long time.

  • Mosquito Mesh

      System with slow drive & heavy channel & fiberglass mesh.

    1) Horizontal/vertical roll up System with slow drive & heavy channel & fiberglass mess.

    2) Platted vertical System..

      System specific for big window & French door.

  • Wooden Flooring

    Modern and sleek styles available in  the best assortment   of fabrics  and natural materials. Use
    as an alternative to vertical blinds on   larger  windows or as a room  divider. Each panel glides
    on its own wheeled carrier for effortless operation. They can be centre  opening ,sager opening
    or in 2,3,4 channel track.

  • Green Building Specified Blinds

    Greece building blinds such as roller with certified certificate.

  • Monsoon Blinds

    Blinds for specially design for monsoon season.

  • Automation

    1) Roller blinds Remote
    2) Wooden blinds with Remote
    3) Roman blinds with Remote.
    4) Curtain with Remote.
    5) Platted blinds with Remote
    6) Duarte blinds with remote.
    7) Curtain with remote.

  • Artificial Grass

    Maintenance free grass for multipurpose area